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In a study of “real-world” outcomes (meaning actual NeuroStar patients), 83% of people who completed the full TMS treatment cycle experienced a measurable decrease in the severity of their depression, and 62% of those completing treatment saw full remission – meaning their depression effectively “went away.”

While there may be some minor discomfort at the treatment site (where the device touches your head), it generally subsides within the first week or treatment. There is no sedation, or impact on your alertness. You can read, watch TV, or talk with your treatment coordinator during your session, and you can drive home immediately after treatment. 

Over 300 million people have insurance plans that cover TMS, including Medicare and Tricare. Conditions and coverage can vary by insurance company, and your TMS Team Lead will help you determine your benefits and coverage. We also offer cash-pay and patient financing options if desired, talk with your TMS representative for more details. 

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Dr. Harris attended Nova Southeastern University from 1978 to 1982 where he obtained his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (Psy.D). In addition to being in private practice and providing clinical services for over 40 years, Dr. Harris has spent the majority of his life dedicated to the practice of mental well being. In his 40 years of clinical experience, Dr. Harris has found TMS to be the most innovative and effective treatment for depression, anxiety, and OCD.

I want to credit Weston PA for saving my life and my family. This office is so incredible in so many ways, from the caring Dr's to the fun, friendly yet professional staff. If you are looking for a therapist or an office that can offer you multiple options with what you are dealing with, this is the place to go.

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Find Happiness & Thrive Again

The Revolutionary New FDA Cleared Treatment For Depression. Call Today And Find Out More!

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✓ Certified NeuroStar® TMS Provider In The Area.

Leading facility in Florida with over 3,000 treatments provided and highest remission rate.

✓ Beautiful And Comfortable Offices.

✓ Personalized Attention Before, During And After Treatment.

✓ Professional And Friendly Staff.

Our TMS clinic is the largest in Florida, allowing you to select your preferred music, enjoy the benefits of essential oils, and relax in a soothing atmosphere.

We take pride in boasting a team of highly professional and genuinely friendly staff members who care about our patients and their wellbeing.

Our TMS treatment plans are created for each individual’s own unique needs. We will be next to you through all the process.

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The NeuroStar Advanced Therapy System is indicated for the treatment of depressive episodes and for decreasing anxiety symptoms for those who may exhibit comorbid anxiety symptoms in adult patients suffering from Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) and who failed to achieve satisfactory improvement from previous antidepressant medication treatment in the current episode. The NeuroStar Advanced Therapy system is intended to be used as an adjunct for the treatment of adult patients suffering from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).NeuroStar Advanced Therapy is only available by prescription.Visit for full safety and prescribing information.

TMS is a safe, effective, non-drug depression treatment that uses focused magnetic pulses, similar in strength to an MRI, to revitalize connections in an area of the brain involved in regulating your mood. When these connections are reawakened, many people experience measurable relief from their depression.

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